Self-Sovereign Identity

Freedom and Trust in the digital world

Self-Sovereign Identity

Freedom and Trust in the digital world is a full-stack verifiable credential platform that helps businesses integrate the latest digital identity standards.

Verifiable Credentials

A verifiable credential is a portable piece of information that is cryptographically secure, privacy respecting, and machine-verifiable. It is more trustworthy than its physical counterpart and can be transmitted rapidly, making it more convenient when trying to establish trust at a distance.

Get verified customers. Instantly

Easy and secure

Self-sovereign identity features privacy by design. You can simply ask and receive the right amount of detail from your customers, exactly when and where you need it.

Innovative approach

Verifiable Credentials allow your business to engage customers at a completely new level, by taking the hassle out of the verification process.

Simplify your IAM process

Faster Approval

Reduce Cost

Regulatory Compliance

Verifiable Credentials can easily be used to model organization-related facts that lead to access entitlements.

Employee credential

Project participation credential

Responsibility credential 

Credential for special clearances 


How We Help

Our mission is to help organizations bring self-sovereign identity solutions to market as fast as possible.

Together with key partners in both public and private sectors we are creating new opportunities for interaction between institutions, companies and people.

Platform allows the quick integration and testing of Verifiable Credentials functionality in existing applications or solutions.

Ecosystem is the first milestone on our roadmap, a new digital wallet and integration platform for the Romanian market. studio

If you are like most of us, you will certainly want to get up and running in no time and focus on what matters: coming up with amazing use cases and see how they can change your business for the better. Studio is the right tool for that. No hassle, no lengthy registration or setup, just click and start working.

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