Trial Agreement

These Specific Terms for Learning are read with the General Terms of Use and the Policies and together (“ToU”) govern the use of our Services and Products in selfDID’s learning environments (“selfDID Learning”).

“you” refers to, as applicable, selfDID customers, partners (including training partners) and employees, industry audience, educational institutions, governmental authorities and any other beneficiary of this Service, including the Entity on behalf of which you register and any of its end users (“End Users”). Any capitalized items not defined herein have the meaning given to them in the General Terms of Use.

Entities enrolled in selfDID’s Academic Alliance Program are subject to the specific requirements detailed below. Please read these Specific Terms carefully and contact us at if you have any questions.


Using any element of selfDID Learning for training purposes will be subject to the selfDID trial terms available on SelfDID’s website.

Subject to your compliance with these Specific Terms, selfDID provides you a right to access, register for, view and use the Content of selfDID Learning under a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable and revocable license, only in accordance with your role and with any conditions or restrictions associated with a particular feature of selfDID Learning. All other uses are expressly prohibited. Except if expressly stated otherwise in the ToU, you may not reproduce, redistribute, transmit, assign, sell, broadcast, rent, share, lend, modify, adapt, edit, create derivative works of, sublicense, or otherwise transfer or use any part of selfDID Learning unless you have been granted explicit permission to do so in a written agreement signed by an authorized selfDID representative. This also applies to Content you can access via any of our APIs.

In addition to the license grant above, Entities in the Academic Alliance Program are granted the additional rights to: (i) reproduce a reasonable number of copies of the Content and deliver it to students, subject to the restrictions in the selfDID trial terms, and (ii) display and internally distribute the Content to students taking the courses, provided that such Content retains all proprietary markings of selfDID. Subject to this license, Entities in the Academic Alliance Program may create any outputs, including but not limited to any software programs, artifacts, charts or workflow diagrams (collectively “Development Outputs”), test and execute them in non-production environments. Entities in the Academic Alliance Program retain all intellectual property rights in the Development Outputs resulting from their use of the selfDID Learning Content, in accordance with these Specific Terms.

Entities in the Academic Alliance Program exclusively assign to selfDID all rights, including all intellectual property rights, in the processes, know – how, experience, source code, technology, products or materials resulting from their students’ use of the selfDID Learning Content (“Academic Materials”). selfDID grants Entities in the Academic Alliance Program a license, transferable only to their students, to use the Academic Materials exclusively for academic purposes, during their enrollment with the Entity.

Conditions and Restrictions

To access the Services, you must follow the guidelines and fulfill the requirements available on the Service landing page (including the Training Page and Certifications Page), as well as selfDID’s Acceptable Use Policy.

If you receive any Content of selfDID Learning for internal training purposes in SCORM format undertake to deliver to selfDID, at, upon selfDID’s request or within fifteen (15) calendar days after the last day of each calendar month during your use of selfDID Learning, a report, in electronic format, containing the following information: (a) full legal name of the Entity; (b) User ID (or similar identifier determining the number of users per course and their progress); (c) Country where End Users are located; (d) Course name; (e) Completion status (Enrolled/InProgress/Completed); (f) Course progression (in %); (g) Course start date; (h) Course completion date; (i) Final quiz score (for SCORM packages set to trace completion based on a quiz score).

Using any selfDID Content in SCORM format without fulfilling the obligation above may trigger the suspension of your access to selfDID Learning. Entities in the Academic Alliance Program can be exempted from this reporting obligation upon request.


You warrant that you will not engage in any activity that would require selfDID to obtain licenses from or pay royalties to any third party.

Entities that wish to join selfDID’s Academic Alliance Program Entities warrant they are able to:

  • ensure the Content is delivered to students by qualified educators having completed the readiness curriculum made available by SelfDID (which may include self-learning courses, study material, page-turn sessions, in-person or live workshops) and who remain up to date with the Content provided by selfDID upon the release of new Services or Products
  • assign and identify at least one qualified educator on staff who will learn, develop expertise and deliver courses
  • run at least one course in a calendar year, to the quality standards and in accordance with all other requirements stated in these Specific Terms
  • ensure they only use the latest version of the Products and maintain the licenses updated
  • obtain all relevant consents required under the applicable laws to be able to monitor the progress of students using SelfDID Learning and for students to be able to create SelfDID accounts, including parental consents

You shall be solely responsible for fulfilling the terms of any agreement between you, your employees and your End Users, and selfDID shall not be obligated to perform, or be deemed liable for the nonperformance of any of your obligations thereunder.


You authorize selfDID to publicly identify them, you, as applicable, as beneficiary of selfDID Learning, and to include your name and logo on selfDID’s website, online platforms and on any promotional materials. Entities are authorized to use selfDID’s trademarks and logos in selfDID Learning for delivering the Content to End Users, in accordance with selfDID’s Trademark and Copyright Use Policy, and, where applicable, to promote selfDID’s Academic Alliance Program.

You must request prior consent from selfDID before making any statement related to selfDID, selfDID Learning or the Academic Alliance Program in the media, in press releases, briefings or conferences, other than to mention your status as beneficiary of selfDID Learning.

Guidelines for End Users

Any Entity accepting these Specific Terms undertakes to provide End Users with all relevant information contained herein, in the General Terms of Use and the Policies applicable to selfDID Learning referenced therein.

Some elements of selfDID Learning may be downloaded to your computer, phone or other device. By using selfDID Learning you confirm the acceptance of these Specific Terms, including those referenced herein.

Pricing and Payments

The Content on selfDID Learning is currently free. You will be notified in advance about any change in pricing and payments.

selfDID’s training partners may offer courses for a charge. Any questions or disputes related to payment will be settled directly between you and the relevant training partner.

Export control

You acknowledge the Content of selfDID Learning may be subject to export control regulations and sanctions including U.S. economic sanctions, European Commission regulations, United Nations Security Council resolutions, and other similar national or international regulations (Export Controls and Sanctions). You represent that you or your End Users (i). are not named on any Export Controls and Sanctions list of restricted parties, (ii). will not knowingly export, reexport or transfer the selfDID Learning Content (or any result therefrom) directly or indirectly, to any country or a foreign national of a country in violation of any such Export Controls and Sanctions and (iii). will not engage in activities that would cause selfDID to be in violation of Export Controls and Sanctions.


You hereby expressly acknowledge and accept the provisions of the following sections of these Specific Terms: LICENSE, CONDITIONS AND RESTRICTIONS, WARRANTIES, PUBLICITY, GUIDELINES FOR END USERS, EXPORT CONTROL.

We reserve the right to update the ToU on at any time without prior written notice. Last update made on: 17.10.2021.